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  • create workflows across dev/test/prod environments

  • works with what you already have and grows to what you need

  • stop developing an application to ship an application

Integrate teams and processes with a unified CI/CD platform

  • Create pipelines that span across product management, development, test and operations
  • Use declarative YML based constructs to model and create workflows that abstract complexity and ease evolution of your application portfolio
  • Evolve with an off-the-shelf platform and break free from building and re-building homegrown pipelines

Leverage what you already have and evolve to what you need

  • Connect your existing tools and technologies (CI providers, DevOps tools or scripts) into a harmonious workflow
  • Industrialize your continuous deployment with release management, secrets store and more
  • Be independent and avoid vendor lock-in. Shippable is not tied to any tools, technologies it integrates with

Scale from a single application to an Enterprise IT portfolio

  • Deploy both traditional and modern applications with the same platform
  • Manage multiple applications from a single pane of glass
  • Adhere to security and compliance requirements using policy driven access controls with end to end audit capabilities

Shippable CI/CD Platform by the Numbers

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Dev Teams

Eliminate DIY for CD and focus on product

Test Teams

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on testing

Ops Teams

Make deployments frictionless without compromising security

  • Leverage declarative YML based constructs and stop building imperative scripts
  • Configure and manage entire pipelines from git
  • Visualize application dependency graphs in a single pane of glass
  • Provision and destroy test environments on-demand
  • Automatically fire test suites on code commits, isolating each problem to a single SHA
  • Manage product versions as part of the workflow and create quality gates for automated product releases
  • Centralize management of configurations, security patches and access control across environments
  • Track and audit all changes made to production all the way back to source control
  • No touch deployments and auto scaling of applications in production

Shamasis Bhattacharya, VP of Engineering

“We've been using Shippable for over a year and it "just works", no matter how complex our test framework gets! It has ensured that we never ever ship out a bad piece of code.”

Some of our satisfied customers

Mathias Brodala

“We chose Shippable for its great performance, rich features and constant updates. By now it empowers a major part of our CI/CD workflows and QA with automated tests and deployments. This allows us to heavily reduce errors and ship changes as often as possible.”

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