Industrializing Continuous Deployment

Who We Are

We are group of folks who believe "rapid innovation is the only way to survive". What we saw was that the process of shipping software was riddled with many homegrown stovepipe solutions cobbled together in a rickety manner. This leads to low fidelity processes between teams that causes a lot of friction in the process. DevOps preaches a set of principles that tries to solve this issue and better culture and communication being at the core of it. We decided to build a platform that solves this once and for all.

We are highly motivated to take this craft of building continuous delivery pipelines and make it an industry. In order words start an Industrial Revolution in the space of Continuous Deployment. We want to streamline the process of shipping software into a continuous iterative process vs the "Big Bang" approach.


Avi Cavale

Founder and CEO

Avi spent over a decade at Microsoft building highly scalable Internet services and working on products like Xbox 360, Office365, Azure and Kinect. In his free time, Avi likes perfecting his bird photography or sipping Scotch from Islay.

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Manisha Sahasrabudhe

Founder and VP of Product

Manisha was a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft where she added collaboration capabilities to Microsoft Lync. She has also worked as a software engineer for over 7 years and has degrees in both computer engineering and business administration.

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Tom Trahan

VP of Sales and Business Development

Tom was Co-Founder and CEO of EnterPAS, a software startup providing records management and change control for FDA-regulated companies, a director at Microsoft focused on IT enterprise application development and operations, and a consultant at SAP. Tom spends his free time with his wife and two boys, coaching youth sports, traveling and playing guitar.

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Ragesh Krishna

VP of Engineering

Description: Coming Soon.

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Life @ Shippable


We are group of motivated folks who like to work and play hard. We are driven to make ourselves as productive as possible. We are constantly tweaking things to see if it makes it faster, cheaper and better.

We believe in trying to find things to fix, justify why there is a need to fix it and then fix it. We dont believe in conventional wisdom and the only thing that matters is data. Live or die with experimentation is our motto and we have no real set hierarchy or chain of command to follow in order to create things.

We became who we are by adopting an unproven container technology before anyone else and we will not stop looking for the next big wave. You could be the person find that next big thing and actually work on it.


Create a repository on GitHub and write a program in any programming language that will do the following

Input: User can input a link to any public GitHub repository

Output: Your UI should display a table with the following information

  • Total number of open issues
  • Number of open issues that were opened in the last 24 hours
  • Number of open issues that were opened more than 24 hours ago but less than 7 days ago
  • Number of open issues that were opened more than 7 days ago

Deploy your application to Heroku or similar platform.

Some Tips that might help your interest

  • The code should be well commented and easy to understand.
  • Include a readme file explaining your solution and a URL where the application is live
  • In the readme file, please also explain how you could improve your solution given more time
  • As an example, the issues for our public customer support repository here

Submitting your application: Once you have your application ready to showcase, tweet to us @beshippable with a link to your repository and a URL to your application where its live. Follow us so that we can direct message you


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