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Why do I need Continuous Deployment?

Are you happy with how quickly your new products and features can be released to customers? If you're like most businesses, the answer is likely No. The main reason for it is the friction that exists in your software delivery process.

In most organizations the friction is because deployments to different environments are manual and require some team to provision/update the environment as needed, deploy a specific version of the software, and keep track of what is running where. This manual process creates a dependency on people being available to work on this at all times and on them never making mistakes. Teams also struggle with a lack of visibility about what version of the application is running in each environment, making testing, bug fixing, and release management more challenging.

This process is repeated every time you want to update production and is error prone, wasteful, and adds no value to your customers. Ultimately, these inefficiencies will lead to slower releases and lost revenue and opportunities.

The best way to achieve the pace you need is to automate all steps in the deployment pipeline. This leads to rapid releases that are predictable, error free, and lead to happy and more productive engineering teams.

How does Shippable help you automate Deployments?

Create versioned manifests

Versioning allows you to keep track of what version of the service or application is running in each environment.

As the same manifest version gets promoted through your delivery pipeline, it reduces confusion since everyone refers to it by the same 'name'.

Promote manifests across environments

Define promotion logic across Dev, Test, Staging and Prod environments.

You can automatically promote a version if tests pass or set up manual promotion with approval gates.

Flexible deployments to any cloud

You can deploy your manifests to any supported CaaS, IaaS, or PaaS.

We support all deployment strategies like blue-green, upgrade, replace, etc.

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