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Why do you need continuous integration?

Have you been in a situation where multiple code changes have been committed to your application and something then breaks? How do you find out which change caused the problem? Usually, this scenario leads to multiple exchanges with the bug being passed from developer to developer trying to detect where the bug was introduced.

Distributed version control systems like Git, while offering many other benefits, have exacerbated the problem by allowing developers to make changes independently to the same pieces of code. The result? Repeated instances of ‘Integration hell’.

The most effective way to solve this problem is to catch these bugs as soon as they are introduced. This approach, called Continuous Integration, improves software quality without slowing down releases. Continuous Integration is Development best practice where every code commit is immediately integrated into a common shared repository and is automatically built and tested. The developer making the code change gets immediate feedback and can fix bugs easily if required since every bug can be tracked down to a commit.

The cost and effort required to fix a bug increases exponentially if found in later stages of the SDLC, while also increasing risk. With Continuous Integration, you find the bug as soon as it is introduced, leading to shipping releases faster and with better quality.

How does Shippable help with Continuous Integration?

Find bugs sooner

The best time to find a bug is right after it is introduced.

Our CI platform builds every commit and pull request, so you can find and fix problems immediately. No more 2am build breaks!

Accelerate releases

Automating manual processes is the fastest way to ship software.

We help you eliminate manual handoffs and ensure that your releases are frequent, predictable, reliable.

Leverage Docker for CI

Docker is the best way to build portable applications that run anywhere.

We support Docker natively, so you can build images, and pull and push images to any registry. Plus, all builds run in Docker containers.

"We chose Shippable for its great performance, rich features and constant updates. By now it empowers a major part of our CI/CD workflows and QA with automated tests and deployments. This allows us to heavily reduce errors and ship changes as often as possible."

Mathias Brodala


Learn how you can use Shippable for CI.

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Read how CI works on Shippable and what languages and tools are supported. Learn how to configure your CI workflows and use our various third party integrations.

Sample application

The best way to learn about anything is to experience it. In less than 10 mins, our sample will walk you through how to set up CI for a simple Node.js app.

Case study

Read about how using Shippable reduced build times for the Packet team by over 70%!

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Shippable Server can run in any private cloud or data center.

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