IRC and Email

Share Shippable status with your team through IRC or Email

Shippable integrates easily with IRC and email so that you can stay on top of everything happening in your software delivery pipeline. You can also leverage the Shippable APIs to support "ChatOps" efforts in IRC.

Get Connected in Seconds

Connect Shippable to IRC or email with a few yml settings, sharing with any combination of channels or groups.

Stay Connected

Always be up to date on the status of Shippable CI builds and Shippable Deploy application or infrastructure deployments across your entire organization.

Customize with the Shippable API

Build custom interactions that integrate your IRC environment with Shippable's API and gain unlimited flexibility in how you interact with Shippable within your delivery pipeline.

Get Started
IRC and Email are provided by a third-party and are governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

Getting Started

Links to help you get started using the integration:

Learn More

Links to add'l info related to the integration:


Source Code

More IRC Info

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