Connect GitLab’s enterprise-grade source code to your development pipeline

Enterprises and individuals who use GitLab source code management solutions can connect their repos to Shippable pipelines for end-to-end application development, delivery and deployment. Shippable connects with GitLab self-hosted community and enterprise editions as well as their cloud offering.

Start Quickly

Connect your GitLab account to Shippable and your repositories will be connected to an application delivery pipeline. Your CI/CD tasks can start immediately and automatically so you can focus on writing code, not automations.

Work How You Want To

Shippable supports GitLab repos both on premises and in the cloud, so you can work with repos in the right way for your business.

Support your “Decision to Ship”

Shippable integrates with your GitLab systems to provide consistent insights and updates on test results, container versions, and deployed versions so you ship the right version at the right time.

Get Started
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Getting Started

Links to help you get started using the integration:

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